Welcome to Protocol Rapid Activation Tracking

Clinical trial sponsors have strong scientific, financial, and regulatory interests in rapidly activating studies at academic medical centers. Rapid Activation (RA) is a method for moving high priority cancer trials to activation through a well defined workflow with adherence to strict processing timelines, interdepartmental communication schedules and performance tracking.

The RA Process is led by a group of core leaders drawn from the offices of Clinical Research and Sponsored Research, Compliance, and Medicare Coverage Analysis as well the review committees for scientific merit and medical radiation safety. The RA process begins when the complete protocol package is received.

The Protocol Rapid Activation Tracking (PRAT) is a web-based application. This collaborative tool provides a single platform for all key stakeholders to manage, track and prevent bottlenecks, while simultaneously monitoring and measuring adherence to the activation timetable. The activation timetable and corresponding milestone deadlines are automatically generated based on the project start date.

The PRAT system’s user-friendly Web interface is based on the need to identify real-time delays through links to Forte’s OnCoreTM and Huron’s ClickTM IRB system. Varied VIEWS are provided for the four user roles in the system: System Administrator, RA Administrator, Workgroup and Leadership. Key features of the system include two dynamically generated Gantt charts based on the distinct work streams and eight interwoven workflows. The Gantt chart displays status updates. Color codes identify the status of each task: Not Started, In Progress, Completed On Time, Completed Late, or Incomplete. Time associated with the completion of each task is also captured.